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  • Think like a software tester.
    In this article I will identify different types of thinking valuable for any software tester and bring together some practical information for different aspects of software tester intelligence into one place.
    By reading this article you will find how can you improve your general thinking skills as a software tester or QA analyst for finding exceptional software bugs first and quickly.

  • Article: "How to Win a Software Testing Campaign the Sun Tzu Way."
    With review by James Bach [2011]

  • Why do you need Linux in your testing lab?
    My experiences in setting up a Linux machine in a testing lab. Includes descriptions of automation tools for Linux and new software, a dictionary of new Linux terms, and other Linux tips and tricks. [January 2006]

  • How To Choose a Regression Testing Strategy

    Summary: From my experience, regression software testing of any type of an application is the most time-consuming, and is sometimes even a bottleneck. In this article I will try to summarize my research and experience in choosing a strategy and running regression testing suites in this tutorial.
    Published by on Mar 10, 2002 an by The Southern California Quality Assurance Association (SCQAA) Los Angeles Chapter on July 01, 2004

    The following are small articles about Software Testing:

  • The Discussion about exploratory testing.
    Small essay about exploratory testing ©2001

  • The Basic Interview Questions for QA and Testers
    More than 500 questions covering most general and technical topics (including SQL, automation, programming, Unix, WEB Security interview questions) usually discussed during an interview. Online tests
    [Updated quarterly since 2000]

  • How to create good test case template.
    (Read step by step lesson)  What do you think about this tutorial and test case template? Any feedback will be highly appreciated. [2002]
    I was quoted in the article "Good testers know when to quit"
    2002 August 09 - Issue 16
    By Kristy Pryma
    ComputerWorld Canada

  • Read the article: Testers know when to quit
    Summary: In the end of this interview with Boris Beizer, conducted by ComputerWorld Canada, I provided my point of view on grey box testing methodology.

  • Explore the World of Grey Box Testing?

    Read the article: Explore the World of Gray Box Testing

  • eXtreme Testing Is Elementary, My Dear Watson.
    This software testing article covers the basics of extreme software testing. [2002]

  • The everyday good practices in Software Testing.
    Highlights some good practices that you need to pay attention to [October 2002]

  • A Closer Look at Estimating the Testing Process.

    While the process of estimating testing in the software industry may be different for each project, all share the common thread of Requirements. This article has attempted to introduce guidelines to simplify this process.
    Estimating the Testing Process Strategy [October 2002]

  • Improving Vendor Quality.    by Joe Larizza, CSQA [2012]
  • Our presentation on the 2nd Canadian Software Quality Conference, held September 24-26, 2001 in Toronto, Ontario.

    See our presentation: The Best Practice of QA and Testing for E-Commerce Applications: Use of Grey Box Testing.[2001]

  • Load testing - real world experience.
    Gives an overview and describes my experience with load testing. An introduction to new/well known approaches to extreme load testing. [October 2000; updated January 2006]
  • The Basics of Software Testing
    This software testing tutorial covers the basics of software testing with accents on white and black box techniques that are mandatory knowledge for any certifications. [2000]

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