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Software testing tools.

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    General classification of software testing tools and testing frameworks

    Below are just some personal notes on the topic: Software Testing Tools. Information is not complete, verified and systematised. Some references will be provided in future.

    "If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail."
    Abraham Maslow

    General classification of software testing tools and testing frameworks
    Source Test Tools
  1. Code validators come in two varieties:
    Static analysis tools - as example: FindBugs ,
    is free software program which uses static analysis to look for bugs in Java code.
    Dynamic analysis tools
  2. Unit testing
  3. Test coverage analyzer
  4. Memory and resource leak detection
  5. Code coverage analysis
  6. Debugging and Investigative Tools
    Debugger: gdb is GNU's open source debugger
  7. Tools for manage code quality.
  8. Profiler: This tool is used when your code runs unacceptably slowly.
  9. Tools for fault injection testing.
  10. Tools for system integration testing
  11. tools for Random Testing
    Functional Test Tools
  12. Tool for creating Test Cases based on Functional Requirements,
  13. GUI capture/playback testing tools for Windows applications
  14. Screenshot program (ability to capture, save, edit, comment a bug)
    Performance Test Tools
  15. Web load testing tool
  16. Cross-browser compatibility testing tools
  17. stress testing ??
  18. Stress testing tools: dynamic : testing the software under operational loads that exceed the maximum expected loads on the system.
  19. Embedded Test Tools
  21. multithreaded testing tools
  22. Database Test Tools
  24. Link and HTML Test Tools
  25. On-line Testing tools and Services
  26. Security Test Tools for Security breach testing: static and dynamic.
  30. UML based testing tools

    SCM Tools (Software Configuration Management)
    Suggested for evaluation
  31. Bazaar by Canonical Ltd.
  32. Mercurial by Matt Mackall
  33. Subversion by CollabNet Inc.

    Fine-grained software Inspection tool/ codesurfer The fine-grained software review tool is designed for "exposing the results of sophisticated whole-program static analysis” (Anderson, Reps, & Teitelbaum, 2003) to the software review. This is also known as CodeSurfer. The idea was originally developed from the “dependence graphs" which applications activities include parallelization (Burke & Cytron, 1986), optimization (Ferrante, Ottenstein, & Warren, 1987), program testing (Bates & Horwitz, 1993), and software assurance (Horwitz & Reps, 1992). A description of how this tool work is summarized in the following section.

    CASE/AMD Tools: Software tools (Computer Aided Software Engineering), also named AMD tools (Analysis Modeling and Design), to assist entire System Life Cycle (SLC), including analysis phase, design phase, testing phase, and even maintenance phase. CASE/AMD tools support the functional analysis phase using visual modeling notations, which can automatically convert into code.

    Tools for automation of software testing.

    First of all you need to define the areas of your system that you would like to create test automation. You can create questionnaire and give it to different people who is involved in different aspects of development and testing. The possible areas of automation can be defined as: automation of data creations for testing, regression testing automation, load and stress testing automation, automation of multithread testing, back end testing, GUI testing, link testing, security testing, etc. Some tools can be used for different types of automation. In the same time you need to define testing environment: what operation systems, databases, types of browsers will be involved it testing and what programming languages are used in development ( you may be will have to ask developers to help developing automation scripts for testing) or knowledge of what programming languages you have in your testing team. Now you can start preliminary tools evaluation. Try to Google your requirements and do not forget to evaluate tools from the list below.

    Selenium ( Selenium is one of the best tools to evaluate. Excellent for web application testing because of its ability to cover many types of browsers/platform. Also, instead of developing your automation scripts in vendor specific language, you can use language of your choice like Ruby, Perl, Java and so on. Because this is a free, open source tool there is no official support. You can use mailing list, forums, etc.

    Watir (
    Variety of free and open source web security testing
    Cain and Abel
    Tor (
    Paros proxy (assessing web application vulnerability)
    Wireless security
    Network Stumbler (free) (
    KNSGEM (free)
    BackTrack Soft AP
    		WEP Cracking Tools
    Airodump-ng (used to capture the traffic)
    Airreplay-ng  (used to lunch packet replay and injection attacks)
    Aircrack-ng (used to crack the WEP key)
    Visit site www.

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    Some useful tips and options for future consideration:
  34. Use tools to make your live easier but don't become slaves to them
  35. Do not afraid of taking the time to learn new tools
  36. When you come across a valuable new tool always add it to your toolbox.
    And the last two cents:
    Questions you should always ask yourself about tools you are using:
  37. Are you getting the most from every tool?
  38. Are these the best tools you could be using?
  39. How do you know that a tool is worth its cost?
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    Suggested Free tools

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